December 9, 2019


Solar-Lajja aims for putting women at the center of sanitation and menstrual hygiene by developing World’s First Revolutionary Solar Powered Women’s Sanitary Pad Incinerator which disposes all kind of Sanitary Pads & Diapers in an environmentally friendly & Pollution Free manner. Solar-Lajja machine gives women’s an equitable and dignified perfect engineering solution for crores of women’s of developing countries to dispose their sanitary pads in an hygienic & pollution free manner.

Solar-Lajja is designed for rural areas and this machine runs without grid electricity using solar energy. Solar-Lajja consists of three major components (Solar Panel + Battery + Main incinerator Unit). The Solar power charges the battery, and then this battery is used to power the Main Incinerator). The novels of the innovation lie in Proprietary Highly Efficient Rapid Therm Heating Technology which reaches to 450 degree Celsius Temperature in less than 60 seconds.

Specifications of Solar-Lazza

  • 100% Solar Powered Off-Grid Units, which are Pollution & Odour Free.
  • Easy to operate, maintain & works automatically on pre-set cycle every day.
  • Napkin Disposal Machine is incorporated with a temperature controller which works on ON/OFF system to keep the temperature constant throughout the process.
  • Napkin Disposal Machine is having an emission outlet the room for the fumes developed during the Incineration.
  • Napkin Disposal Machine is lightweight & can be fixed on the wall with easy installation for the convenient use in the toilets.
  • Napkin Disposal Machine is used to destroy soiled sanitary napkins both scientifically & hygienically.
  • The Incinerator can be installed inside the room with SMOKE REMOVAL UNIT with absolute zero emission.
  • The ash is collected in a tray present at the bottom of the Incinerator.
  • The duration to destroy 20 Napkins is approximately half an hour.