December 9, 2019

Solar Charging Station

As technology advances, many of us find themselves hooked into a myriad of transmission devices for both work and social purposes. Our lives are constantly on the go make it hard to keep mobile devices charged up. Rarely can smartphones or tablets make it through each day of constant use without having to be recharged. Finding access to a wall socket available for public use are often difficult, especially parks, public places, and any Institutional campuses.

On putting DCPL Solar Charging Stations in community parks, playgrounds, campgrounds, public benches, outside a restaurant or a business premises, Institutional campuses, little league parks, outside sports stadiums, or in other outdoor public area will serve a convenient means of charging mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, without having to be tethered to the wall outlet indoors. In just minutes anyone can plug in, charge up, and stay connected.

Specifications of Solar Charging Station

  • 100% solar powered off-grid units.
  • Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Multi-layer, powder coated finish with choice of colors.
  • 400 Watts Poly-Crystalline PV Module.
  • Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiPo4) battery used.
  • Water resistant enclosure.
  • 4 Dual USB 3.0 Rapid Charge ports.
  • 2 A.C Socket for Laptop Charging.
  • Advertisement Display can be add.
  • Wet and over-temperature protection.
  • Any Kind of customization are available.
  • 5 years manufacturer Warranty.