December 8, 2019


Our Services redefines the identity of a truly great technology company. The current business environment is looking to adopt innovative ways to show ideas into real products – quickly. With business going global, offices and operations spread around the globe, the right information made available at the right place at the right time is a challenge. And this is the key to success in today’s business. With our products, we make sure you are equipped to meet this challenge.



Home/Shop Security, Anti-Theft Devices for Vehicle, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Child Protection, Smart Card Access Control.

IT Services

Web/software Application development, maintenance and support, legacy migration, re-engineering and package implementation.

Emerging Technologies

Location based Services, Mobile computing, GPS, GIS, Biometrics, RFID, and Enterprise Project Management.

Digital Marketing & Management

Social media campaigning, election management, Planning, Pay per Impression campaign, Pay per Click campaign, Content Writing, Advance Election Management Software.

Solar Solutions

We deals with regular Solar products such as Off-Grid, Grid connected and Hybrid SPV Solutions, Solar Street Lights, High Mast lights, Solar powered Pump, Solar Geyser, Solar Lantern and many other solutions.


Smart class, Advance attendance systems, Higher education Portal, Community colleges portal development, Security and Application Development, ERP, and infrastructure services