December 16, 2019


Door Sensor

Door Sensors are combination of Sensor and Magnetic unit part. In activated mode if these two parts separated it sends a RF Signal to D-Secure[24×7], which starts hooter and then sends SMS and Calling to pre-configured mobile devices.

Door Sensor

Apart from Home Door there is specific solution available for Shop Shutter. The Shutter sensor having a robust Metallic texture. It’s made up of Steel or Aluminum bars in which one is fixed on shutter and the Sensor part set on land or side wall so that when shutter up’s it get detach from another one. Once it detaches it sensor send a relay to D-Secure [24×7] and machine starts it work.

Motion Sensor

The Motion Sensor is a passive infrared Detector or Sensor (PID/PIR).PIR or Motion Sensors are used closed premises ie in Shop/Hall/Room etc. If there is any other security breach apart from doors then we can use this sensor.
Sometime an intruder can enter in our premises by digging or to make any hole in walls, then a motion sensor detects any movement and sends relay to D-Secure [24×7] and it starts working.

Vibration Sensor

Vibration Sensor is a sensor used in D-Secure [24×7] that detects if a pane of metal or glass shattered, broken or vibrating by any knock or impact. These sensors are commonly used near glass doors/ Vaults .If the vibrations exceed a certain threshold they send signal to main device D-Secure [24×7] which started its executions.

Beam Sensor

A Beam Sensor is a photoelectric trans-receiver. This kind of sensor can install at entrance, boundary walls, windows or on roof walls etc. A pair of this trans-receiver creates an invisible line of sight between these two units. When an intruder crosses this line it sends signal to D-Secure[24×7].

LPG Leakage Sensor

Now a days every kitchen have LPG cylinders, sometime a dereliction in closing nob of cylinder causes accidents, which could be a very dangerous situation. Same happens in households. LPG leakage sensors can be install in kitchens. Once it sense a presence of LPG it sends a relay to main device ie D-Secure[24×7] and it starts executing.