December 8, 2019

Security Products

There is a huge requirement of security products in India as we have 1.3 billion populations. Every person is concerned about the security of his Premises either shop or Home, family and belongings.  We see daily news in newspaper and TV for burglary and thefts at houses, jewelry shops, petrol pumps, ATMs and banks. Our device can give the real-time alert to the user when the incidence is happening so that he/ she can inform the police immediately to catch the culprit. Even one can get help quickly by neighbors.  As we compare our product with CCTV (unfortunately named as a security system), we can see the CCTV is just a monitoring system, not a security system while the D-Secure [24×7] and its variants are full-fledged a Security System. This is much better than a CCTV system where only footage is available to see and understand how stealing happened. Thus wherever CCTV is installed, there is also a need for D-Secure [24×7] and they will easily like this product.

There are variety of Security and other products we manufactures, depends upon uses and features with a brand name of D-Secure. The most Common Products is D-Secure[24×7].

D-Secure [24x7]

D-Secure [24X7] is a Security Device for Home, Shop or other premises. It also used for asking help in any emergency situation. D-Secure (24×7) can also be used as a monitoring tool. All these 4 registered users can make call on it randomly and listen voices surrounding there.

D-Secure [Fire]

D-Secure [Fire] is an advanced fire alarm system in which Fire Alarm Panel indicates the specific sensor which has caught fire. Once the smoke is detected at the main panel, it starts hooter and sends SMS’s & call both on 4 pre-configured mobile numbers.

D-Secure [Bag]

Our latest innovation would be a market disrupt-er, D-Secure[Bag], i.e. DCB (Patent Applied) which imbibes World’s most advanced security features. After bag snatching and activation of its anti-theft system, it produces a very high voltage electric shock leaving, activates a high decibel siren, GPS tracking and voice transmission from bag to pre-configured number.

D-Secure [Solar]

DCPL developed anti-theft device for Solar PV, Batteries and others Peripheral named as D-Secure [Solar]. It works on the basic principle of circuit breaking. A 2-core DC wire passes through holes of all the installed SPV frames make a single wire loop. Now if someone tries to open a SPV Module or battery he has to cut the cable, which results to siren blows, sends SMS and calling to 4 Pre-Configured Mobile Devices.