December 9, 2019

D-Secure [Solar]

Solar PV Modules, Batteries and other related products are valuable and unfortunately vulnerable to be theft as well. Globally such crimes are marked increased in last decades. Governments and individuals have been losing up to tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment in single incidents. Security of Solar Rooftop, Solar Pumps, Centralized Solar Street lights are major concern in India. Physical security is not efficient and sufficient to protect SPV, batteries, etc..

DCPL introduces its newly product D-Secure [Solar] which gives a best Solution for above said challenges. It works on the basic principle of circuit breaking. A 2-core DC wire passes through holes of all the installed SPV frames, and finally two wires are joined to make a single wire loop. Probes at another end are connected to D-Secure[Solar]. Now if someone tries to open a SPV Module or battery he has to cut the cable, which results to siren blows, sends SMS and calling to Pre-configured Mobile Devices.

Features of D-Secure [24x7]

  • In-built battery backup.
  • Easy to reconfigure and manage through registered numbers.
  • Calling/Receiving system works around the world.
  • Fully customized solution.
  • Wireless hooter can be attach.
  • It Can be configured on cloud.
  • In House R&D and Production.
  • Purely & Proudly Make in India Product.
  • Multiple models available.
  • Lock unlock through remote or SMS.
  • Can operate through mobile App.
  • AC & DC dual use are available for 24 hrs. Power backing.
  • 1 year replacement Guarantee for complete peace of mind.