December 9, 2019

D-Secure [Bag]

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Now a day’s a snatching / stealing of a baggage are very common criminal phenomenon in our society. Every businessman keeps big amounts of money in his hand for depositing in Banks, and worried till he does not reached in Bank premises. Same happens in withdrawal of amounts as well. Sometimes we keeps jewelries and other precious stuffs in our bags. Whenever we travels in night in a public conveyance say trains or bus, we always worried about our baggage. Our baggage could be steal and snatch by goons, due to such criminal activities huge losses occurs, may be a million or billions in a single moment. Now it’s time to not worried for such activities because we are going to put off your worries in our new product D-Secure [Bag].

D-Secure[Bag], i.e. DCB (Patent Applied) which imbibes World’s most advanced security features. After bag snatching and activation of its anti-theft system, it produces a very high voltage electric shock leaving the snatcher stunned and also activates a high decibel siren, GPS tracking and voice transmission from bag to the pre-configured number.



Features of D-Secure [Bag]