December 9, 2019

D-Secure [24×7]

India's Most Advanced & Unique Security System

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D-Secure [24X7] is a Security Device for Home, Shop or other premises. It also used for asking help in any emergency situation. D-Secure works differently, dedicatedly in day and night that means the complete security of our assets 24×7.

In daytime Security, it could be so much helpful for asking help in any unexpected emergency situation. In any adverse or panic situation like fire or robbery, the victim has to press just a single button on the remote, the D-Secure[24×7]starts sending SMS’s and calling silently on registered numbers. The receiver can easily understand the situation going on at device end by just reading the message and listen to voices surrounding there. Now the receiver can give a quick response and help in any mean as s/he can at victim’s place.

In night security, if an intruder tries to open Home-door/Shop-Shutter and it just up/open an inch then D-Secure[24×7] Starts executing which causes to play hooter at that place at a very high amplitude (120dB) and sends instant emergency messages and calling to four registered/pre-configured. At the receiver end, the listener can listen incoming sounds around the security system. Once Hooter began , Intruder cannot stay there for a while even.

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Features of D-Secure [24x7]

  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • It’s an around the clock security cum monitoring tool.
  • Remote facility for emergency- instant calling and messaging.
  • Receives call silently from configured numbers to listen remotely.
  • 32 more sensors can be configured.
  • In-built battery backup.
  • Easy to reconfigure and manage through registered numbers.
  • Calling/Receiving system works around the world.
  • Fully customized solution.
  • Wireless hooter can be attach.
  • It Can be configured on cloud.
  • We Design waterproof sensors.
  • In House R&D and Production.
  • Purely & Proudly Make in India Product.
  • 1 year replacement Guarantee for cmplete peace of mind.
  • Lock unlock through remote or SMS.
  • AC & DC dual use are available for 24 hrs. Power backing.