December 9, 2019

D-Secure [Fire]

India's Most Advanced Wireless Fire Alarm System

In case of fire, early detection of smoke and heat helps in fighting the fire effectively & extinguishing it in nascent stage. Thus preventing the fire from spreading and saving life and loss of property and business.

D-Secure [Fire] is an advanced fire alarm system in which Fire Alarm Panel indicates the specific sensor which has caught fire. Once the smoke is detected at the main panel, it starts hooter and sends SMS’s & call both on 4 pre-configured mobile numbers.
This range of wireless smoke detectors are very effective in handling fire situations. All of these products are developed in compliance with the international quality standards.

Different type of Sensors and other peripherals can be attached. It’s a fully customized product, which differs in sensors attachment capacity and customers requirements.

Addressable Smoke/Fire sensor is a system in which signals from each detector and/or call point are individually identified at our Automatic Fire Alarm control panel (D-Secure-[Fire]). Alarm of fire or smoke is a warning of outbreak of fire, originated by a person or by an automatic device. Automatic fire alarm sensor is comprising components for automatically detecting a smoke/fire, initiating a RF signal which collected at the  Panel which immediately pushes alarm functioning and start sending SMS and calling. Thus, before bigger loss through fire initiating other action can be arranged. The system may include manual call points.

Beam Sensor a type of smoke detector which detects smoke by the obscureness  of a beam of infra red light passing between a transmitter and receiver also can be attached with this device.

Features of D-Secure [Fire]

  • Easy Installation and & Configuration.
  • No need to disturb existing infrastructure.
  • No need of cable & wiring.
  • Wireless Hooter can be attach.
  • Every Sensor has its own identity.
  • Configure and manage through registered numbers.
  • Calling/Receiving system works pan world.
  • Remote keys provided for easily activation-Deactivation.
  • Test button available.
  • Every Sensors has in-built siren.
  • 5 Mobile No’s can be configure.
  • 24 Hours battery Backup.
  • Password protected Panel.
  • Quick response time.